Sightseeing in Vladivostok, Part 1

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Vladivostok railway station

After breakfast we packed our small day packs and set off into the fog see the sights of Vladivostok on foot. We were down near the train station when we thought it wise to find a loo.

We couldn't find one at the station but did so at the overseas shipping terminal. Two ladies worked in the loos. We were ushered in with hand signals. I was mortified to find the toilet was a hole, set in the tiles of the toilet floor. Oh, my heavens! Absolute panic ! Well, I managed it well enough and didn't wet my clothes or shoes. We made appropriate actions to signify we wanted to pay but the two ladies gestured otherwise. We think the locals were paying though.

Added later: We found there actually are toilets at the station.


Vladivostok railway station The Vladivostok railway station


Russian Pacific Fleet

By the way, Ian's headache gradually disappeared during the course of the day. We wandered around the Korabelnaya Embankment where we found plenty of naval ships belonging to the Russian Pacific Fleet. We then took a look at the submarine monument S-56. Ian went inside for a quick tour but I didn't. I was satisfied sitting on a bench watching the progression of ladies going into a tiny church. They each arrived with flowers. It looked to be a sad occasion - a memorial day perhaps?

We were surprised at how close we could get to the Pacific Fleet. No one was interested in us taking photographs either. It was quite foggy and dark so the photos here are not really clear:



Waterfront in Vladivostok Waterfront in Vladivostok
Ships from the Pacific Fleet Ships from Russia's Pacific Fleet









Submarine monument S-56 Submarine Monument S-56
Little church to the right of the submarine Little church to the right of the submarine









The submarine monument and the memorial behind it are dedicated to those who lost their lives during World War 2. Apparently Russia lost more than 20 million people during the war.

The fog started lifting. We continued on our way taking photographs at every opportunity. Vladivostok has some very interesting architecture but most of it is in dire need of restoration. Look at these stunning buildings:

Wooden homes are common in Russia Wooden homes in Vladivostok
Many buildings are crumbling in this part of Russia Many buildings are in a bad state of repair










Funicular in Vladivostok

We then wound our way up to the funicular. We seemed to walk miles and miles up steep streets with little or no pavements. Lots of loose dirt, gravel and rocks made some areas dangerous to walk on. We puffed and panted our way up to the Funicular, went down it and then back up again. It cost 5 roubles each per trip. It is a very short trip indeed. Whilst walking back down from the funicular we saw some wondrous examples of Russian parking.



The Funicular The Funicular is only a short ride
Russians park their vehicles very strangely Wondrous example of parking










Central Square Vladivostok

We wandered on through very interesting streets eventually stopping at Vladivostok's central square which is officially known as the "Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East".

Munument in Central Square Monument in Central Square
Regional Administration building The Regional Administration building


It is also known as Bortsov Square. It faces onto Golden Horn Bay and was build to celebrate the city's one hundredth anniversary.

Close by is the Regional Administration building which is one of the few "modern" looking buildings in Vladivostok.





By now our tummies are starting to rumble. Let's find some lunch.........


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