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We take a walk along Bauman Street, Kazan

Just prior to leaving the Kremlin, Daniyar's girlfriend Alsoo arrived. Daniyar had a previous commitment and Alsoo kindly stepped in for him. We walked along old streets up near the Kremlin and then had a look at Bauman Street which is a famous tourist street. By this time Ian and I were really flagging. We felt we had walked for miles and miles and had climbed too many steps to mention.

Alsoo took us into a large air-conditioned shopping centre which was very modern and stylish. We found a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, made our selections and then collapsed into seats. We felt we couldn't walk another step as we were so tired.

We gazed at passers by for simply ages. It looked like any Australian shopping centre would look like. Considering we are very much in Muslim territory we were surprised how "western" the ladies looked. Not a sign of a burqa, head scarf or a veil. In fact many of the girls were wearing quite low cut tops and very mini skirts.

National museum of Tatarstan - see wedding party National museum of Tatarstan - see wedding party
Kremlevskaya St leading up to the Kremlin Kremlevskaya Street leading up to the Kremlin










Alexandrovsky Passage Alexandrovsky Passage
Bauman Street in Kazan Bauman Street in Kazan











Taxi hassle in Kazan

Near the shopping centre was a taxi rank so we opted to be taxied home. The driver took one look at Ian and me and knew we were tourists so he quoted some ridiculous price to Alsoo. She told him it was way too much. Eventually he brought his price down to 170 roubles which we said was fine by us and we climbed in.

Immediately we sat in the car he repeated that it was 170 roubles but added that he had no change. Crafty devil. I decided he wouldn't get the better of us so I scratched around in my pockets determined to find the exact amount. He obviously had seen the satisfaction on my face when I discovered I had the exact 170 roubles. He got within a hundred metres or so of our destination when he stopped the cab and told us we could get out. Alsoo said we weren't at our destination and to please keep driving. He absolutely refused to. He said it wasn't far and we could walk the rest of the way. Alsoo was cross but what else could we do but climb out of his cab. I passed him the exact 170 roubles and slammed the door as hard as I could possibly manage hoping it would fall off its hinges but of course it didn't.

We were very glad Alsoo was with us because if it had just been Ian and me, we wouldn't have known which way to walk home. It was nearly 7 p.m. when we got back to the flat. Ian and I couldn't be bothered about any dinner. We had eaten so much at lunch time anyway. We just showered and climbed into bed, exhausted.


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Our trip in the order it all happened:


Our trip in the order it happened:

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