Wandering the streets in Murom

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Lunch in Murom

We found a café, ordered some lunch and sat outside in a lovely shaded area. I think the restaurant is Capitan Kruk.

We couldn't make a lot of sense of the menu so we ordered two salads and a potato dish of some sort for each of us. It was quite a small meal so when we had finished we ordered another two salads. I think the waitress thought we were quite odd.


The main street of Murom The main street of Murom
Entry to the Children's Fun Park in Murom Entry to the Children's Fun Park in Murom










We wandered on and noticed the skies getting cloudier. We found an outdoor market and bought ourselves some plums and some mandarins. Most of the other fruit and vegies didn't look palatable. Much of it was quite bruised and showing its age. We had never seen such elderly looking carrots.


Man servicing the children's train in the Fun Park Man servicing the children's train in the Fun Park
Giane weeds that grow on the verges of the streets Giant weeds that grow on the verges of the streets










Then of course we went looking for ice creams. Found one of the many mobile freezers which stand on the pavements in each city. We ordered something on a stick which had chocolate and nuts on the outside. We wandered off and found a park bench to stop and eat it at. We undid the wrappers to find a messy looking ice cream which had obviously thawed out, disintegrated and then re-frozen itself in a squishy mess. The wooden paddle stick was totally within the frozen mess so you couldn't get hold of it. I wanted to take it back and complain but Ian said not to. What a mess it was to eat.


As we wandered along, we noticed groups of teenagers out and about with garden implements tidying up the pavements and little gardens. I think this must be a requirement during school holidays. Perhaps it is voluntary work. We had to laugh at one stage when we spotted one of the group supervisors energetically wielding a shovel with her beautiful handbag over her shoulder.

We notice giant weeds cover the verges in Russia. The weeds have such luxuriant growth on them. It must be because there is so much rain and such a short growing period that the weeds feel like they have to grow fast just to be noticed. Residents don't seem to look after their verges as we do here in Australia.

Colourful houses Colourful houses
The wooden houses can catch fire so easily The wooden houses can catch fire so easily










Wi Fi in Murom

We wandered back to our hotel room to freshen up and to also ask the receptionist if there was wi-fi anywhere around. We hoped there was some internet available in the hotel but no luck. She indicated we had to go right back down the main street where we had spent quite a bit of time already that morning. Bugger!

Firstly though we wanted to find the bus station and sort out our tickets for tomorrow's journey to Vladimir. Instead of trying to pronounce what I wanted to say to the cashier I wrote it down in Russian and that seemed to work very well indeed. Our tickets cost 225 roubles each plus 42 roubles for the rucksacks to go down below in the bus storage area.

With the tickets now purchased we then walked all the way back down to the end of the main street to try to find the internet office. It took us a while but we found it. It wasn't an internet café as we imagined, but just a business office with four or five computers available and other services such as photocopying. It is located up some stairs at the very end of Moscovskaya Street. As you face the river direction it is in the last building on the left side of the street. You can see the sign saying "Internet" up on the wall near the corner of the building.


An invitation from Tanya

We discover we have an invitation from a girl whose parents live in Murom. Her name is Tanya and she normally lives in Moscow but is back in Murom to see Mum and Dad for a couple of days. We tell her we only have half a day left here and that we don't have internet access at the hotel. Nor do we have a phone. We ask her to meet us in the hotel lobby at 10: a.m. in the morning. Rain is forecast for tomorrow so spending some time with Tanya might be quite nice.


Finding a restaurant in Murom

We are ready for dinner but can't see many options in this little town. We go inside one café and come out again when we realize it is a pizza shop. We've had enough pizza over the last week. We attempt to go into a sushi bar only to find the place is totally empty when we push open the door. No furniture and no anything else either. We end up at the little restaurant at the front of our hotel. An elderly lady – maybe the owner- helps us chose some things from the menu. She studies our Russian/English phrase book and comes up with a lovely meal comprising salad, then beef stroganoff with fried potatoes and probably the best bread we have eaten since arriving in Russia. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and were glad she took the trouble to help us so much.

The Restaurant at the Hotel Lada The restaurant at the Hotel Lada
Rubble in the room next to ours Rubble in the room next to ours










We clamber back up three flights of stairs to our room dodging planks and other building materials. Major re-construction is going on in this hotel. We take a photo of the work going on in the room next to ours. It seems like they might be knocking two rooms into one. We think we are the only people staying on our floor. The whole hotel is pretty empty.

Back in our room we have the windows wide open to catch the breeze. It's now raining lightly out there so it feels as if really fresh air is coming in the room. We've had our showers. The best ones we have had in quite a few days. I think the windows will have to be shut before we sleep though as the noise from the traffic is quite loud.


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