The Kremlin in Moscow

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The Kremlin

There is history of human habitation at the location of the Kremlin as far back as 500 BC but the Kremlin's history really begins around 1147. The Kremlin was built on a hill next to the Moskva River. The area is enclosed by walls. The walls are a total of 2,205 metres long, between 3.5 and 6.5 metres thick and range from 5 to 19 metres in height. Two-thirds of the Kremlin compound is not accessible by visitors but the remaining one-third is more than sufficient for us to look at. Inside the walls are the President's residence, cathedrals, palaces, museums and more.


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We were about to enter the Kremlin via the ticket office when we were told we needed to take off our bubby rucksacks and hand them in to the cloakroom - I guess that is a necessary and ongoing security issue. So we had to leave our packed lunch in the bags and just take our water bottles and hats with us.



View of outside the Kremlin walls View of outside the Kremlin walls
The Assumption Cathedral The Assumption Cathedral










The Cathedral of the Assumption is the oldest and most important of the churches within the walls of the Kremlin. It is the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Annunciation is the second oldest church in the Kremlin and is really an amalgamation of churches. It has 9 gold domes.

"Ivan the Great" Bell Tower was built in the early 1500's and is 81 metres high. You can see up to 30 kilometres from the top.

Annunciation Cathedral The Annunciation Cathedral
"Ivan The Great" bell tower "Ivan The Great" bell tower


Whilst we were in Sobornaya (Cathedral) Square we wondered why a good part of the area was being cordoned off. Then we learned we were going to see the Changing of the Guard which takes place at midday.

It was only by chance we were there at that time and it was a wonderful sight to see.


The Changing of the Guard at the Kremlin The Changing of the Guard at the Kremlin
Jean and Mubin leaving the Kremlin (on the right side) Jean and Mubin leaving the Kremlin (on the right side)










There is masses to see at the Kremlin - far more than is reported on here. Half a day is a good amount of time to see it. But do try to be there at midday to see the Changing of the Guard. It was great to see the very smart guards doing the goose step. In fact, try to be there well before midday so you can line up at the front of the rope barriers to get a good view. People will try to push in front of you, I promise.

The Kremlin is open every day, except Thursday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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