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Leaving Klyazma

We didn't get up until about 8 a.m. this morning. Lucia had gone to work early with instructions for us to finish off some of the soup that was sitting in the fridge. We devoured that with some bread. It was important to eat it as they were leaving on a week's holiday the next day and it would otherwise have got spoiled.

A while later Mubin's student, Nikita, arrived for an English lesson. He wanted to talk to us and really the whole lesson was centred around us answering Nikita's questions. I guess that is the best way to learn English rather than from a text book.

We had our gear all packed up last night so as soon as Nikita left we all scrambled into Mubin's car and headed to the the little train station down the road. Mubin's timetable said the train would leave at 11:53 but when we arrived at the platform we found the train had been cancelled and the next one would arrive at 12:25 p.m.

It was quite hot so Mubin wandered off looking for shade for us to stand in for 45 minutes. We ended up standing under a bus stop roof which enable us to cool off a lot. The train ride into Moscow took about 50 minutes. The train was stinking hot and the backs of our tee shirts were wet by the time we reached the centre of the city.

Left luggage office at Leningradsky Station

The stained glass window in the metro The stained glass window in the metro

We dropped out luggage off at the left luggage office of the Leningradsky railway station. When you are facing the incoming trains the left luggage office is to the right and down some stairs. It cost 80 roubles each for our five pieces of luggage. We were pleased with the value. It was a relief not to have to carry it all around with us.


Beautiful subway interiors to photograph.

Moscow's underground system dates back to the mid 1930's. The stations on the subway system are unlike other stations because they are actually so elegant and decorative. Stalin wanted them to display the very best of Russian design and architecture. They are full of frescos, lead light windows, marble, mosaics and even chandeliers.

The subway originally started off with 13 stations and now there are over 160 of them with more getting added each year. I took several photos and then we headed off for lunch.

Elegant ceilings in the subways Elegant ceilings in the subways
Stunning painting and plaster work Stunning painting and plaster work









Mubin said he knew a canteen style place that Couch Surfers use a lot when they are having CS meetings. It was a great place to eat and there was plenty of variety of food. We had a substantial meal for three of us for 715 roubles. We actually found clean toilets in this restaurant which is a rarity In Russia.

Road bridge over the railway line Road bridge over the railway line
Looking down from the bridge Looking down from the bridge










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