Saint Petersburg International Hostel

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St Petersburg International Hostel St Petersburg International Hostel

Finding St Petersburg International Hostel

The St Petersburg International Hostel is located at # 28, 3rd Sovietskaya Street and is very handy to the Moscovskaya railway station and Nevsky Prospect.

After we booked in last night we only got so far as to check out the toilets, the shower and then we hopped straight into bed as we were very tired.

Due to the light factor we were awake early so we had a wander around the hostel to see what was on offer.



The front door of the hostel The front door of the hostel


Parking at St Petersburg Hostel

Firstly there is only a small amount of parking behind the building - drive in through the arch seen on the left of the photograph above.

Upon arrival you press the buzzer on the left side of the front door and you can then access the first floor where reception is located. I have to say that the reception staff weren't overly friendly or enthusiastic. In the reception area there are two computers with internet access. There is a small charge to use the internet. To stay in our double room (which had three single beds) it cost us 870 roubles per night. At the hostel it says they accept credit cards but we found they didn't accept them.



Our messy bedroom Our messy bedroom was quite large even for three
Sinks and two toilets are in this area Sinks and two toilets are in this area










Facilities in St Petersburg International Hostel

We tried out breakfast the next morning We tried out breakfast the next morning

Our room was on the top floor. There are no lifts in the building. There is a tiny kitchen on our floor and the breakfast room is on a lower floor. We turned up for breakfast and found we should have obtained a breakfast voucher when we booked in. No-one had told us ....... so we went elsewhere for food.

We tried breakfast the following morning but didn't bother again after that. The door to the breakfast room is locked until 9 a.m. I should say that 9 a.m. is when it is meant to open but when we wanted to have breakfast we waited much later than that and eventually had to walk down to reception to ask them to open it up for us. Breakfast was very basic and the fact you had to hang around at least until 9 a.m. for it made it bad value for us.

Interesting drainage system across the road Interesting roof drainage system across the road
A sad and sorry playground Next door - a sad and sorry playground










Across the road from our room we saw an interesting roof drainage system. The rain was directed to one spot on the lower edge of the roof then it fell into a down pipe located a couple of feet below. We were saddened at the sight of the young children's playground which was located right next to our hostel. To say it was basic was an understatement.

There are not many hostels in Russia so we were appreciative of the accommodation in a city where accommodation isn't cheap. Very few others seemed to be staying in the hostel which we thought was strange.

Our room was quiet enough from traffic although some of the inhabitants of the building could have done with making less noise. We had a noisy cleaning lady who was crashing around at 5 a.m. and one night I had to head further along our floor and ask an obnoxious boy to please be quiet. The boy was about 10 years old and had been carrying on like crazy for quite some time. I ended up speaking to his father in the end. The father was an older man who looked to be defeated by this horrible child. I don't think it could have been a pleasant holiday for the dad towing along this loud-mouthed, whining and disruptive child. In hind-sight maybe it was the horrible child towing the dad along. Dad's energy seemed long gone.


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