The Hermitage

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The Hermitage disappoints us

When we arrived at the Hermitage we were pleased to see only a relatively short queue. We had heard of queues that were miles long but we were very lucky as we only waited 20 minutes to get in.

It cost us 400 roubles each to get in and 200 roubles each to use our cameras.


Hermitage and the huge forecourt

Hermitage and the forecourt Hermitage and the fore court

After paying for our tickets we approach the entry, only to be told to take our little bubby rucksacks to the cloakroom for storage. At the storage area we retrieve our water bottles from the rucksacks and then hand over the rucksacks.

The cloakroom lady proceeds to tell us that water bottles are not permitted in the museum. We stuff them back into our rucksacks and hand everything back to her. It was extremely hot in the foyer part of the museum so we were cross not to be able to take water in with us.

No sooner were we past the entry than we saw people wandering around with water bottles in their hands!

I asked at the desk if we could be pointed in the direction of the Faberge Egg collection and we were told there was no exhibition of eggs. I was devastated! The main reason I wanted to go to the museum was to see the eggs. I had been to classes where we were taught to make decorated eggs so it was a real interest of mine. I obviously had got my facts somewhat mixed up over the years. I had to sit down as my feet were hurting so much. I'm afraid tears came to my eyes - I was so disappointed.

My favourite picture of the Hermitage My favourite picture of the Hermitage
Mosaic on the floor of the Hermitage Mosaic on the floor of the Hermitage










Interior of the Hermitage

Whilst sitting down trying to recover we saw ladies going past us with bags much bigger than our rucksacks. So much for security and consistency in rules! We saw signs saying that ladies with high heels should wear shoe protectors but so many of them weren't wearing them! We walked up stairs and started looking around. There were many signs saying photos were not to be taken (of certain items or areas of exhibits) and of course here was everyone taking photos. All these rules that are disregarded!

The ceilings are stunning The ceilings are stunning
The amount of gold trim is phenominal The amount of gold trim is phenomenal

My toe was so sore I had to walk along lifting my toe upwards in my shoe so as to keep it from touching the sole of my shoe. It was really packed inside the building and so hot. We were there before the big heat wave too. I'd hate to think what the temperature inside would be on a day when it was in the mid thirties outdoors. We felt suffocated and wanted to get out.



So we had a bit of a look around but we couldn't cope with all the people, especially those flaunting the rules. It is a shame we saw so little of the Hermitage but maybe we'll get back there again some other time. We found a # 11 tram and headed back to the hostel.

Back at the hostel I whipped off my joggers and inspected my feet. Not only did I have two blisters on top of each other on my left foot but I also had two on my right foot that I hadn't even felt. I pricked the blisters which gave instant relief, then covered them with plasters. Luckily we had brought our thongs (the Australian name for rubber flip flops) so I wore mine for the remainder of the day.

Later on we ventured out for dinner and found a little crepe shop so we had crepes and some salad there and then had a nice long walk around the other end of Nevsky Prospekt. It was sheer heaven to walk with the the blisters now burst.



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