Youth hostel In Kaiserstrasse in Frankfurt

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Once we got off the train we found the City/Kaiserstrasse Ausgang (exit) and went up the escalator. 

Thank heavens there were no more ridiculous flights of steps at stations as there is in Russia.  We simply walked across the crosswalks and we were in Kaiserstrasse and the Youth Hostel is the third building on the left.

The lift at the hostel was broken so we had to climb three flights of stairs up to the hostel reception on the third floor.  And here we were thinking that we had escaped further flights of stairs!  We were given the key to our room and we walked back down a flight to the second floor where our room was located. 


Frankfurt Youth Hostel

Frankfurt Hostel in Kaiserstrasse Frankfurt Hostel in Kaiserstrasse

Luckily we are not in a room facing into Kaiserstrasse as I think it would be very noisy at night.  We are facing into the back of the hostel where a lot of other buildings' back areas meet.  It should be lovely and quiet tonight.  We can’t believe how nice our room is.  We have our own shower and toilet. Plus the best bonus of all – I have a hair drier!!!!

We’ve been out for a walk around the Kaiserstrasse to familiarize ourselves with this central area of the city.

Before finding ourselves some dinner, we went across to the Tourism Information office located on the front left side of the railway station.  We have picked up some information and got ourselves booked on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus for tomorrow morning.  We are hoping to go on a one day river boat trip the next day (Monday) but won’t know if there are bookings available until tomorrow morning when we get down to the boat company's ticket office.


We had been told by one of the hostel staff members about a lovely Chinese restaurant across the road from the hostel. We are great lovers of Chinese food so we couldn't wait to go there. There are actually two Chinese restaurants quite close to each other.

It ended up with us having the most delicious buffet meal imaginable at the upstairs Chinese restaurant across the road from the Youth Hostel.  It was a great feed – so much to choose from.  It cost 9,80 Euros each.  Beware of buying water there though as it cost 2,60 Euros per glass.  The place is called China Restaurant New World and the address is Am Hauptbahnhof #8

The doorway into the place is actually in Kaiserstrasse though.  It’s right opposite the Youth Hostel so it is very easy to find. You go up stairs to get in to it.


Chinese restaurant The interior of the Chinese Restaurant
The buffet/smorgasbord meal The buffet/smorgasbord meal









After the meal we had a little wander along Kaiserstrasse but really we didn't have the energy to walk too far plus we were like two little rolly-pollies after eating such an enormous meal.

Back at the hostel it is now shower time.  We want to go to bed early as we had little sleep last night.  It is quite hot here in Frankfurt.  Hope it is not much hotter than this tomorrow otherwise we shall soon resemble two big red lobsters sitting upstairs on the bus.


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