Cruising along The Main River

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Last night we removed the doonas from their covers and we just slept under the covers. Result: we both slept a lot better. Mind you, the drunken behaviour of the night before didn't occur so that helped enormously.


An early Start For Our Cruise on The Main River

We were up and about early and were down at the 3rd floor breakfast room just before 7 a.m. We quickly got stuck into breakfast. Whilst eating we chatted to the young fellow sitting opposite us. He actually works at the hostel. He said the problem people from Saturday night were a group of Irish lads. He said they were totally drunk. So much so, one came to the hostel counter and said they needed to call an ambulance for his mate who was "dead". Apparently moments later the "dead" person was up and drinking again! We think this silly drunk person was the one we saw being helped down the stairs last night when we got home.

We also spoke to an American girl who told us she had been pic-pocketed the night before whilst out and about. Breakfast is now finished and we are off to the river to find our boat........

Inside the boat Inside the boat

....It's taken us less than 20 minutes to walk from the hostel to the boat ramp. There are masses of empty seats on the boat which surprises us. There is a group of American youngsters a few tables away from us. They are playing cards and are quite loud to say the least. They are driving us crazy being so inconsiderate of fellow passengers so we move to the other side of the boat. After a while I went downstairs to the lower deck to use the toilet. It's quite nice down there on the lower deck so we decide to shift down below. We find it is not only quieter but a tad cooler too.


Mid morning found us a bit peckish so we bought two black teas and two apple pies. It came to a total of eight Euros, so food is quite expensive on here but then I guess you might expect it to be so.

We've passed through three locks. It was strange to feel the boat going downwards as the water disappeared from under us.

Unusual building seen from the boat Unusual building seen from the boat
One of many locks we pass through One of many locks we pass through








Scenery from the boat Scenery from the boat
More beautiful buildings More beautiful buildings











So far the land on either side of the river/canals has been fairly flat. We are wondering if we will see hills with vineyards and castles. This is such a relaxing day. It is what we have needed for a long time.

There is a commentary going on but it is somewhat difficult to hear. We have been gaining and losing passengers at each of the six stops en-route.


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