Rudesheim On The River Main In Frankfurt

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Our boat docked at Rudesheim at 1:30 p.m. It was about 15 minutes late docking. We got off the boat to find it was extremely hot and there was no breeze at all.


Playing the tourist in rudesheim

Rudesheim is quaint, tiny and full of souvenir shops and little cafes. We slowly wandered along picturesque streets.


We sat down at one cafe and ordered the special of the day which was schnitzel, sliced fried potatoes and a fried egg. Not exactly healthy! The two meals plus a 200 ml bottle of water each, cost 19 Euros. Whilst we were eating a little "train" trundled past us carrying tourists. It was a wonder it fitted down some of the narrow streets.





Cobbled street where we had our lunch Cobbled street where we had our lunch (seats on left)
The little train rode right past us The little train rode right past us









We wandered along picturesque alleyways and bought a few little gifts for our family members. By this time it was quite hot so we then slowly wandered back down toward the river ready for our 3:30 p.m. departure. We saw so many delightful buildings.

The colourful buildings really took our eye The colourful buildings really took our eye
Jean in front of building Jean in front of building









Vineyards near the boat ramps Vineyards near the boat ramps
Our boat awaits us Our boat awaits us










We have all possible windows open on this boat but it is still hot inside. The heat makes us feel so dopey. I've taken my socks and shoes off in an effort to cool myself off. I see others have now done the same.

Our boat isn't supposed to dock until 9:15 p.m. so we may need to buy dinner on board if there is any available. We've had a big late lunch so maybe that will have to suffice. I'd hate to think what dinner would cost - the drinks cost an arm and a leg.

One of many barges we saw on the river One of many barges we saw on the river

The journey back to Frankfurt seemed to take forever. We discovered that it is normally an hour longer heading back than heading out. We enjoy gazing at passing boats. The one in the photo to the right is carrying scrap metal. Many of them have a few little cars on board too that must be used when the boats dock.

The weather is so warm we see people lining the river banks in very summery gear even though it is well into the evening. Many are stripped off to a certain extent trying to catch any little breeze on their hot skins. I think we are at the start of a long heat wave in Europe.

We've decided we are too tired to eat. The boat finally docks at 10 p.m. Off we head on our 20 minute walk back to the Frankfurt hostel.


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